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We offer a wide range of Wireline Services to help you maximize your operation – combining top-notch technology with solutions specific to your completion and production needs.


Designed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional gate valves, our Plug Valves are specifically designed for frac applications and are more durable in abrasive and corrosive environments.

Thru Tubing

From coiled tubing to workover rig services, our Thru Tubing Solutions are tailored to your operation’s unique applications and environmental considerations.

Innovation at every touchpoint

Guided by a relentless focus to provide the highest levels of service quality in the completions sector of the oil and gas industry, we consistently strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. To truly deliver world-class service for our clients at every touchpoint, we are continuously administering industry-leading solutions throughout every division of the company. Our company wide commitment is to ensure we exceed our responsibilities to safety and efficiency on every job.

A History of outstanding services and Equipment

With offices located across the Permian Basin, EagleFord and Haynesville Shale, we are well equipped to facilitate all your Wireline, Pressure Control, and Thru Tubing needs. Our level of service quality well exceeds the expectations of our customer’s demands and places us ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and customer service. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in providing experienced operators and technicions, quality equipment, and support staff at every step. We have plenty of resources for any scope of work, and offer superior solutions every step of the way.



Pump down perforating services that eliminates avoidable miss-runs and lost time incidents, which reduces total well site downtime for all service providers on location.


Simulfac Operations

Achieve more than double the gains in lateral footage, in less time.


Remedial Services

Effective, efficeint, and safe remedial services treating conditions that can arise after the wellbore has been constructed.


Greaseless Line

Eliminate the hassle of traditional wireline grease and eliminate the need for costly wellsite cleanup with BlueCore’s specially designed greaseless line.


Conventional Steel Line

Considerably lighter and highly effective solutions for high-pressure wells.


Logging Services

Quality surface logging services focused on providing drilling support, as well as formation evaluation. 


Safestack8™ Plug Valve Technology

State-of-the-art design and engineering that allows for unparalleled production and precision.


Thru Tubing Consulting

Customized coiled tubing and workover rig solutions that are changing the game for operators.

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Be part of a winning team and workplace community that cares about your career, and your safety in the field.

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