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BlueCore Completions is a Midland-based company that has an outstanding history for providing equipment and services to the Permian Basin as well as other basins across North America. We take pride in providing performance, optimization and cost saving opportunities for our clients during critical well completion operations.

BlueCore Completions utilizes plug valves specifically designed for frac applications coupled with a traditional gate valve for lower master valves, a complete suite of wireline services and custom-configured thru tubing solutions necessary to elevate your operations. We also deliver leading-edge technology and experience to complete your project efficiently, safely, and on budget.

BlueCore Completions offers an expanded and highly complementary range of products and services throughout the Permian Basin. This has allowed us to build an excellent reputation in the oil and gas industry. Our vast portfolio of projects, with proven results, has shown we exceed expectations and deliver increased value for our customers.

Choose BlueCore Completions to secure the customized technology needed to address your oilfield demands. We are the trusted partner your team deserves.

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