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BlueCore Completions made its mark utilizing a plug valve design throughout the frac tree as a more efficient and cost-effective solution to the conventional gate valve systems for frac applications

Fastest Rig-up on the market

BlueCore Completions provides complete customizable frac stacks, zipper manifolds, and monobore systems utilizing plug valves specifically designed for frac applications that are more durable in abrasive and corrosive environments. Plug valves are manufactured under especially tight tolerances that limit sand and fluid intrusion into the valve body while utilizing less grease and reducing component wear and tear – all while minimizing the potential for valve seizure or “loss of turns” typically associated with gate valves.

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Multiple Designs

Designed for cement applications, retrofitted for frac applications


Stress Tested

Engineered for high-intensity use


Leak eliminators

Tight machined tolerances to prevent particle and fluid intrusion


Quarter-turn Technology

¼ Valve turn operation. Allowing for fully open or closed (no potential for loss of turns)



Large bore gate valves have a body void that holds up to 40 lbs. of grease. Rising stem, multi-turn operation


Less Grease

Requires much less grease than a traditional gate valve. Body void holds 3.5 lbs. of grease


Repairs in line

Repairable in-line with minimal down time affecting production schedule


Long Term, Long Use

Our gate valve technology is designed for long-term, low-intensity, low-frequency use to ensure the asset is maintianes proper condition for future use


Gate Valve Grease Reserves

Large voids provide grease reservoir for long-term production use

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