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Wireline Solutions 01

Wireline Solutions

BlueCore Completions provides a full suite of wireline services including perforating, pipe recovery, cased hole logging, and P&A services.
  • We deliver customized solutions that elevate wireline operations, wherever the location.
  • We provide a streamlined, standardized service that provides efficient and repeatable results.
  • We deliver clear value from a single well to a multi-well zipper and simul-frac.
When you connect with BlueCore Completions, you will have a partner with the expertise to get your wireline job done right.


  • Pump down perforating
  • X-Connect Gun System
  • Disposable Setting Tools
  • Tubing conveyed perforating
  • Wireline-specific well-modeling

Cased Hole Logging​

  • Pump down perforating
  • X-Connect Gun System
  • Disposable Setting Tools
  • Tubing conveyed perforating
  • Wireline-specific well-modeling

Cased Hole Services​

  • Bridge plugs
  • Cement retainers
  • Packers
  • Frac plugs
  • Junk basket/Gauge rings
  • Cement dump bailer
  • Disposable setting tools

Thru Tubing Solutions 02

Thru Tubing Solutions

When you choose BlueCore Completions, you will secure the tailored technology your oilfield demands from a partner you can trust to help you stay on task.

Our custom-tailored thru tubing solutions are changing the game for operators in the Permian Basin.


From coiled tubing to workover rig services, our thru tubing solutions are tailored to your operation’s unique applications and environmental considerations.


BlueCore Completions delivers reliability, efficiency, and —
above all — profitability through minimized downtime.


  • Drill-out of cement & scale in casing or production tubing.
  • Horizontal drill out of multiple composite and cast-iron bridge plugs.
  • Horizontal toe prep service.
  • Fishing tool rentals and services.
  • Breakout services.
  • Carbide application.
  • Well site supervision/consulting.
  • Specialty tools and machine shop services.


BlueCore Completions thru tubing technology portfolio represents the industry’s most reliable technology —
and reflects the needs of North American operators.


We don’t deliver what’s “easy,” instead, BlueCore Completions delivers solutions customized to your operations.

  • Tomahawk Super Hawk motors*.
  • Coiled tubing and threaded pipe downhole specialty tools.
  • Drill out of multi-composite and cast-iron bridge plugs.
  • Hydraulic disconnects and back pressure valves.
  • Fishing and wireline retrieval tools.
  • Bi-directional jars.
  • TCP conveyance tools.
  • Extended reach capable.
*MOTOR SIZES: 1.69 , 2.125 , 2.875 and 3.125

Plug and Gate Valve Solutions 03

Plug and Gate Valve Solutions

BlueCore Completions made its mark utilizing a plug valve design throughout the frac tree as a more efficient and cost-effective solution to the conventional gate valve systems for frac applications.
Our company was initially founded to address non-productive time and to improve well control conditions associated with traditional gate valves used during completion operations – which led to our development of plug valve systems as a cost-effective alternative.

Plug Valve Systems

BlueCore Completions provides complete customizable frac stacks, zipper manifolds, and monobore systems utilizing plug valves specifically designed for frac applications that are more durable in abrasive and corrosive environments. Plug valves are manufactured under especially tight tolerances that limit sand and fluid intrusion into the valve body while utilizing less grease and reducing component wear and tear – all while minimizing the potential for valve seizure or “loss of turns” typically associated with gate valves.


  • Designed for cement applications, retrofitted for frac applications.
  • Engineered for high-intensity use.
  • Tight machined tolerances to prevent particle and fluid intrusion.
  • ¼ turn operation.
  • Fully open or closed (no potential for loss of turns).
  • Requires much less grease than a traditional gate valve. Body void holds 3.5 lbs. of grease.
  • Repairable in-line with minimal down time.

Gate Valve Systems

BlueCore Completions utilizes traditional manual gate valves for Lower Master Valves.


  • Designed for long-term, low-intensity, low-frequency use.
  • Large voids provide grease reservoir for long-term production use.
  • Large bore gate valves have a body void that holds up to 40 lbs. of grease.
  • Rising stem, multi-turn operation.
  • Irreparable in line.