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Maximize production and minimize downtime with our 2023 Electric Wireline Fleet solutions


BlueCore’s innovative time tested capabilities and cutting-edge technologies make all the difference in multistage completions. With our electric wireline fleet, we optimize safety and efficiency at every stage of the process while ensuring reliable sustainability through ESG compliance.

This innovative combination of unique technologies and well-site tracking software (Dipole Matic AI™ Software Systems) allows us to streamline productivity without sacrificing safety or efficiency. You can trust BlueCore to deliver exceptional results for your completions needs.

Monitor your Well like never before

Increase productivity, efficiency, and safety by centralizing wireline operations and pump-down activity into one integrated digital solution that enables planning, tracking, management, and reporting to seamlessly integrate and empower your teams, whether they’re at the location, or off-site.

Faster, Safer, More Efficient than ever


Pump down perforating

Expect more efficient wireline perforating operations, more stages per day, and less NPT


Proven Gun Systems

Our plug and play perf gun systems provide a reliable shot, everytime


disposable Setting Tools

Allows for operations to move quickly and efficiently


Tubing conveyed perforating

TCP allows the well operator to perforate long, orwidely spaced, intervals simultaneously on a single trip into the well ratherthan having to make multiple runs on wireline


Wireline-specific well-modeling

Custom tailored wireline solutions created for each specific job


Bridge plugs

retrievable bridge plugs hold pressure from above and below for treating and testing operations, including remediation, in cased hole wells


Cement retainers

primary and remedial cementing, well control, and temporary abandonment, thereby eliminating storage requirements


Packers, Frac Plugs & Gauge Rings

A variety of options are available for each specification pertaining to your well-site needs

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